Children's Preschool Ministry

Here at Pumpkinvine Baptist Church, our preschool department begins at age 18months and goes through pre-k.  We are committed to enriching our preschoolers with the necessary Biblical truths needed for a Christ centered life. Our preschool department begins with the basic Bible stories and truths.  We feel that the Biblical stories and truths are taught through curriculum, music, and hands on learning. 

Sunday School:  same two teachers.

Sunday 11:00 am hour:  four week rotation.

Wednesday nights:  same group of teachers.

We use a variety of curriculums for our preschool department.  Each curriculum focus’s on a Bible truth that your child can easily understand.  The methods used to teach the Bible truth’s range from music, to a Bible story, a Video clip, or a puppet show.

Sunday School:  Levels of Biblical Learning

(This material uses a Bible story along with a work sheet)

lifeway kids

Sunday 11:00 am hour:  Veggie Tales (produced by Nelson)

(This material uses a Bible story, a video clip, music and a puppet show)

Sunday 6:00 pm hour:  This is a time of activities, fellowship, games, and a Bible story.

Wednesday nights:  See Wednesday page