Children's Church Ministry

Here at Pumpkinvine Baptist church our children’s department encompasses school age children from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  This ministry is split into two smaller groups:  Kindergarten through 2nd and 3rd through 5th.  This separation is for all classes except for Sunday nights.  We are committed to enriching our children with the necessary Biblical truths needed for a Christ centered life.  Furthermore, we believe it is vital for our children to be able to make the Bible truths life applicable.  Our focus in accomplishing this is through the use of curriculum which is designed to achieve this, as well as through music, hands on learning, and through serving others.

Sunday School:  Same teachers.

Sunday 11:00 am hour:  four week rotation.

Wednesday nights:  same group of teachers. 

We use a variety of curriculums for our children’s department.  Each curriculum focuses on a Bible truth needed for Christ centered life.  We use a variety of methods suited for each group of children.  Some of our methods are Bible stories, illustrations, video clips, dramas, puppet shows, and music.

Lifeway | Kids

Sunday School: Lifeway’s Levels of Biblical Learning (all ages)

lifeway kids

Sunday 11 am hour:  Veggie Tales (K-2nd)

No classes are provided for 3rd-5th until August.

Sunday 6pm hour:  This is a time for fellowship, games, activities, and a Bible story. ( all ages groups.)

Wednesday Nights:  See Wednesday Night page.